Gelish/OPI Gel polish lasts for up to three weeks without chips or peels, the whole process including removal doesn’t damage your nails and the polish comes in over 100 shades with new colors coming out every season, so you’ll always have a color you love.

All procedures performed by a fully qualified advanced aesthetic nurse prescriber. An initial consultation is required for any of the treatments and procedure.

Please contact: Louise Dale 07894464840

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections

Botox treatment is the injection of a very small amount of toxin into the facial muscle and causes the muscles to relax and become temporarily inactive.
The overall effect is a smoother and younger effect to the skin. Also can be used to treat hyperhidrosis. (excessive underarm sweating)
Women: 3 areas £290  : 2 areas £250  : 1 area £200
Men: 3 areas £340  : 2 areas £290  : 1 area £240
Underarms (both) £420

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used for lip plumping, smile lines and adding body and plumping the lower face. Dermal fillers volumise the skin
and help reduce lines and wrinkles. When injected instantly adds volume to to the area it has been lost.
£290 per 1ml syringe. Subsequent syringe £200
Volbella lip filler £320 per 1ml syringe
Juverderm smile £290 per 1ml syringe


Radiesse is a dermal filler that stimulates the production of collagen. Radiesse pushes up the contour deficit,
providing a lifting effect and giving instant volume. Results can be seen for up to 12 months or longer.
It can be used for cheek enhancement, replacing volume loss in the back of the hands and adding volume to the décolletage area
£340 per 1ml syringe
£200 subsequent syringes

Neostrata Chemical Peel 

Chemical peels are used to help reduce pigmentation, firm the skin, reduce fine wrinkles and pore size and gives the skin a fresh and even look.
£70 per peel
Buy 6 and get 1 treatment free

Derma Roller Skin Needling

Derma roller improves skin firmness and elasticity, reduces wrinkles and enlarged pores and can be used to treat acne scars,
stretch marks and cellulite. 3 treatments advised.
£180 per treatment
Thread vein removal
Thread veins are small red veins which commonly appear on the face. Treatment by shirt wave diathermy can either completely
remove the vein or significantly improve the appearance of them.
£70 per treatment

PDO thread lift

The PDO thread lift is a facelift without surgery.
There are no cuts or incisions. Just injections. Using a really fine needle, dissolvable threads (PDO) are injected into the skin and muscle,
to tighten the skin. The threads give an immediate lifting effect and also stimulate collagen, elastin and hylaronic acid thereby creating a smoother tighter look.

Dermalogica have been committed to improving skin health for over 25 years and are the number one choice at Buffers and of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Your skin needs personal attention from a professional – and that professional is Sharen a Dermalogica professional skin therapist. She knows how to deliver real, visible results and has a real passion for taking care of your skin.

Dermalogica facials 
All our facials are carried out by our Dermalogica skin expert therapist
Clear Start
Clear Start is the first serious skin care system aimed at helping teens to get clear skin. It uses powerful ingredients and soothing botanicals to deliver real results. Tough on breakouts, gentle on skin.
Prescriptive facial 
This facial is individual to each client, customised by your fully trained therapist
Ultracalming facial
Help to reduce sensitivity, redness and help calm and sooth inflammation.
Anti aging facial 
Help to firm and smooth away the signs of skin aging. Ideal for skin that needs nourishment
Medi bac
Help to combat acne, oiliness and breakout prone skin.

Dermalogica Booster Facials

Bio surface peel
The bio surface peel is a powerful resurfacing system by dermalogica. With the bio surface peel you can achieve the same powerful results as a chemical peel without the associated risks or downtime. Expectyour skin to look and feel healthier and brighter. It helps to reduce breakouts, pigmentation and fine lines.
Courses of treatments available.
Ion Active Power Treatment
The IonActive Power Treatment is an action packed, bio+ charged treatment combining thermal activity and the latest treatment-room technology to optimise product penetration for rapid skin health results. Your skin will look and feel dramatically-improved, with reduced signs of skin ageing, uneven skin tone, acne or dehydration. This IonActive Power Treatment works with the traditions of Dermalogica, personalising your treatment with the science of ionisation to drive active ingredients faster and farther into your skin.
Mechanical exfoliation, a vacuum spray of tiny crystals that remove impurities and imperfections to reveal a clean smooth skin surface. Suction cleans up dulling cells deeper from the pores, leaving skin feeling fresh.
High Frequency
High Frequency ozone encourages healthy cell function and promotes skin healing. Treat and prevent stubborn acne, shrink enlarged pores, reduce the appearance of fine lines
Ultrasonic exfoliation works by creating high speed oscillations, leaving skin smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product application. The results are plumper, firmer skin that enhances the results of key ingredients of all products. Vibrating sound waves loosen dead skin cells and allow for enhanced delivery of active ingredients. Skin will look and feel firmer and smoother.

Threading allows control when shaping brows to ensure perfectly sculpted eyebrows. A cotton thread is used to glide across the skin, removing excess hair while it does so. Not only that but the thread grabs and teases out every single hair by its root leaving a cleaner finish with longer lasting results. The results are wonderfully neat.

We use 225 watt standup sunbeds

Spray tan

Buffers Beauty use White to Brown’s advanced tanning system that has been specifically developed to give you the ultimate smooth, flawless, golden tan. This is a more long lasting spray tan solution, White to Brown’s wide range of products has every step covered leaving you with a sun kissed looking tan.

Buffers we use two types of wax. Tea Tree/ Aloe Vera Strip  Wax and Hot Wax. Strip Wax is used for all areas and the choice of Hot Wax for intimate and underarm area. Hot Wax shrink wraps around the hair and doesn’t stick to the skin. When the hot wax cools it is removed from the very roof of the hair follicle, preventing hair breakage and ingrown hairs. Hot wax is perfect for very coarse thick hair. Tea Tree – Is a high quality antiseptic wax which is particularly good for more sensitive skin types.